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Time to fill in your cavities!! For your dental career, EdFed provides a full range of student loan services. Apart from specializing in helping graduate students with significant tuition costs, EdFed also manage their finances and consolidate their debts. For any kind of financial help, call us at (800) 503-1146 to get free and personalized services from our loan specialist.

You planning a career in dentistry? EdFed has all the resources to get you going. Whether you're still in school or you've graduated, and whether your student loans are from the federal government or a private lender, consolidation through EdFed could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loans.

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EdFed offers various loan options to all Dental students. To learn more about your eligibility criteria and up-to-date details on interest rates and borrower benefits, please call us at (800) 503-1146.

The currently enrolled DENTAL students can apply to EdFed's comprehensive Tuition Loan.
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New Bill Introduced to Legislature to Help Dental Students
By Brooke Heath

For some, the goal of pursuing a career in dentistry formed in childhood while playing "dentist" with toys as patients and a pair of pliers as instruments. Others may have decided on this career later on after considering the benefits of a high-paying salary and the opportunity to help others. However, though many would like to pursue a DMD or DDS, the high costs involved and the large amount of student loan debt usually acquired can cause many would-be dental students to choose less-pricey career routes.
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